GovCERT.HK Annual Report 2018

  • To enhance the city’s overall defensive capability and resilience against cyber attacks, we officially launched a Partnership Programme for Cyber Security Information Sharing named “Cybersec Infohub” and the first cross sector cyber security information sharing and collaborative platform ( in September 2018. Within the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (the Government), we continued to co-organise with the Hong Kong Police Force to run the annual inter-departmental cyber security drill for government departments.

    A keen appreciation of the threat landscape could help organisations and individuals to understand better the cyber threat environment so as to adopt early and appropriate mitigation measures. In 2018, we continued publishing threat trends, security alerts and mitigation advice through the Government Computer Emergency Response Team Hong Kong (GovCERT.HK) web portal for reference by the general public. We further tailored specific threat awareness updates for government departments.

GovCERT.HK is an operational member of the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT). APCERT is a coalition of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) within the Asia Pacific region. It maintains a trusted network of cyber security experts in the Asia Pacific region to enhance the region’s vigilance against malicious cyber activities and its overall capability to detect, prevent and mitigate such activities.

For more information of APCERT activities, please refer to the APCERT Annual Reports.

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